Longhorn Council - BSA Chain Saw Basic Training Course, No.430-136

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BSA Chain Saw Basic Training Course, No.430-136

Event Details

Join us for a weekend of fun and education! Longhorn Council is offering BSA Chain Saw Basic training course, No. 430-136. 

Where/When: Sid Richardson Scout Ranch - December 2nd and 3rd,2023. 

Cost: $50. 4 meals provided: Saturday Lunch & Dinner, Sunday Breakfast & Lunch. Overnight camping included. 

Course is for Adults 21+. Participants will receive a training card & course materials. 

Check-in Saturday 8:30-9AM
Class begins: 9am
Lunch: Noon
Dinner: 6PM
Breakfast: 8AM
Class begins 9AM
Lunch: Noon
Class ends 4PM
You will need: Long-sleeves, Jeans/work pants, boots, gloves, pen/paper, water bottles, bedding/toiletries, flashlight, & snacks. 
BSA Medical Forms Part A&B.

This class will help you “Be Prepared” to safely use a chain saw by teaching you to complete proper maintenance, use personal protective equipment and use the correct techniques which are all critical components of safe chain saw operation. Council properties rely on chain saws to help clear trails, remove deadfalls, clear timber, and stockpile wood for campfires and heating buildings. At the end of this course you should be able to use a chain saw in low, basic, complexity situations.

To achieve the Level 1 Sawyer Certificate, you will receive 8 hours of classroom and 4 hours of practical training on chain saw maintenance, operation and safety. At the end of this course you will know how to:
• Identify and explain how to properly use all required Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Identify the parts of a chain saw
• Describe the necessary chain maintenance to keep a chain saw running properly
• Demonstrate how to Clean and sharpen a chain saw
• Identify the daily, weekly and monthly chain saw maintenance requirements
• Demonstrate how to safely fuel a chain saw
• Demonstrate how to safely transport a chain saw
• Demonstrate how to safely start a chain saw
• Demonstrate the proper stance and hand position to use when using a chain saw
• Explain reactive forces and explain how to counter them
• Demonstrate how to safely fell a tree
• Demonstrate how to safely limb a felled tree
• Demonstrate how to safely buck a felled tree
• Demonstrate how to safely use a chain saw
Class will be rescheduled if less than 10 participants. 
When & Where
Chain Saw Safety
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch
Friday 12-01-2023 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 12-03-2023 4:00 PM CT Past
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