Cascade Pacific Council - Training - NRA Pistol Instructor Course

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Training - NRA Pistol Instructor Course

Event Details

The Pistol Instructor course is one of the primary levels of supervision required to conduct a BSA Venturing or Sea Scout Pistol range whether it be a Unit level activity or a Council level activity.

This is an Instructor level course and the basic student course and BIT (Basic Instructor Training) are included. You must be 21 years of age to attain the Certified level. Please plan on eating dinner prior to your arrival as there will be no meal on Friday.

Attendes must also register at: Click Here to Register on NRA Training Course Website

  • Must attend both courses
  • Must be at least 21 years of age to participate.
  • Bring eye and ear protection, a note pad, 3-ring binder, pen/pencil and a hi-lighter.
  • A requirement of the Pistol level course is that you must provide your own firearm and ammunition (100 rounds min).
    • Caliber and sights are student preference. Optics are okay.
    • Please have a lockable pistol case and eye and ear protection.
  • Firearms and ammo are NOT provided.
  • Premium housing provided
  • Cost does not include NRA credentialing fee

Providing safe opportunities for learning and understanding shooting activities. Cascade Pacific Council camps offer shooting sports equipment and facilities to provide a complete program experience for all Scouts. Shooting Sports are among the most popular and safest program activities in camp. We have invested in top-notch equipment for your Scout’s safety, advancement and fun. Approved activities by program are listed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

When & Where
Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
Cascade Pacific Council
Saturday 02-10-2024
8:00 AM PT to 4:00 PM PT Past
More Information

Instructor Course
Camp Meriwether
Friday 02-16-2024 6:00 PM PT to
Sunday 02-18-2024 4:00 PM PT Past
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